Down Under Box Review

Down Under Box Review

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Down Under Box is an Australian business that offers Australian treats that are delivered worldwide. The treats include Tim Tams, Vegemite, Twisties, Tiny Teddies, Caromello Koala, Anzac Biscuits, Fantales, Minties, Eucalyptus Drops, Australian Milo, Freddo Frog, Cherry Ripe, Dunkaroos, Violet Crumble, Chicken Salt, Scotch Finger Biscuits and Redskins.

They offer pre made boxes and the option to build your own box as well as corporate/event gift hampers.

The boxes can come with a personalized note, photo, your company pamphlets and your company branding. Other products include key chain, stuffed toys, Australian flag and option to gift wrap


  • Convenience: It can be a total hassle if you want to send these items to yourself or to a friend on your own. No declaration forms to deal with at other end.
  • Price: Compared to similar companies they are less expensive especially when shipped to UK and Europe.
  • Shipping; $20 AUD for 1 kg anywhere in the world. Its cheaper than Australia Post and no hidden fees. Express shipping option available.
  • Australian Made: The products are from Australia, shipped from Australia and the company is Australian. No fake products or false advertising. Prices are in AUD.
  • Presentation: The products come in a well presented box with options to gift wrap. Ideal for gifts and events.
  • Personal: Option to personalize box with note and photo. You can choose what products you want inside.
  • Service: Website easy to navigate and to order online. My box arrived undamaged and tracking easy to follow. Reviews say staff available and responsive in solving any issues. We didn’t have any issues.


  • Selection: They only offer the above selection at the moment but are looking to increase product line.
  • Quantity: A bit stingy on the Milo, Fantales and Minties.
  • Website: A bit slow at times.

Ozzies Abroad Opinion

Well, you know we are all about bragging rights. We believe this product can give us bragging rights in front of our friends overseas. Down Under Box great is for showing off some Australiana because the products come very well presented. It’s perfect as a gift to your friends or in a corporate setting. The only thing is a bit of a small selection of products but they have the main ones. We checked out other companies and Down Under Box is actually good value. The other companies charge more for products and shipping and prices are in USD. The other companies don’t present products nicely so Down Under Box is the winner in the gift and value department. So we reckon its pretty good.

Product: Down Under Box

Price $35.00 AUD plus $20.00 AUD shipping

Where to Buy:

Shipping: $20.00 AUD shipping anywhere in the world.

Our Rating: Pretty Good 8/10.

If you are interested at looking at another product then Aussies Favorites Gourmet Gift Box is also a good gift idea for the homesick Aussie.

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6 Replies to “Down Under Box Review”

  1. What a great idea! We visited New Zealand 14 years ago for a wedding. It was there that I was introduced to TimTams! On my word – so delicious. It’s not even an experience you can describe. Do you also bite the corner off each TimTam and suck your coffee through it? Sigh – I could eat a whole packet right now!
    Can you believe I actually saw TimTams in our grocery store here in Zimbabwe Victoria Falls?? Who would have thought that possible? They are pricey and it’s the small package. Even still – I did get one – just to remember my holiday.
    I’m sure this kind of box would do the same for anyone far from home with a bit of nostalgia. Or up for a new experience. I was surprised they don’t have Arnott’s biscuits. They were fantastic too! Great review of this unique food box.

    1. Thanks For your comment all the way from Zim. Yes, Tim Tams are awesome and one of the number 1 things Aussies abroad miss. And yes, we bite the corners off and such coffee through them 🙂 

  2. It is ironic that I ran across your review, Now I am gonna have to try this out on my next paycheck! Although maybe I shouldn’t base my opinion off of some treats on whether or not I am gonna continue researching on moving to Australia, I wanna try these out!

    Do they have a price converter to see how much AUD equates to in USD?

    1. Hi Chris, if you try these treats you will move to Oz, for sure. It’s about $45 USD and they can get it to you within 5-14 days. 

  3. This is cool. A piece of Australia!!! lol. It is cool to be able to taste snacks and other items from other nations. I will certainly try this. I am getting hungry just reading all of the selections.

    I agree as well that this could be a great gift. So many times we get bored with the same ole same ole. This is a great way to throw some spice into your gift giving. Thanks

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