The Culture Of Australian People

The Culture Of Australian People

As Aussie expats and Australians overseas it’s always interesting to meet people from other cultures. The most interesting part is meeting people that haven’t been exposed to or met many Australians. They have preconceived ideas about the custure of Australian people and sometimes we can play up to those ideas for a laugh.

When I was about 9 years old I convinced my Italian cousins that a scar I had on my leg was from a crocodile attack, the best part was that when I told them it’s not true they didn’t believe me.

This article looks at the lighter side of what Aussies are famous for and some misconceptions on the culture of  Australian people that you may encounter in your travels.

The Culture of Australian People

Australia Has No Culture

People that I meet in my travels often ask about Australian culture. They may enquire about our traditions in regarads to holidays, weddings, family etc. The questions are usually hard to answer and not because Australia has no culture but because we have many cultures. I grew up with an Italian mother and Aussie dad, I lived next door to a Chinese family and the family across the street were Greek and attended school with people from diverse backgrounds and religions. So the best response to questions about Australian cultural traditions is “People can do whatever they want”, and I think that freedom is what modern day Australian culture is.

We all Live In The OutBack

Some people think that we all live like bushman, we can thank Paul Hogan for that. Yes, Australia is a huge continent mostly made up of desert but the 2016 census revealed that two-thirds of our population live in cities. In fact, 85% of Australians live in urbanized areas which makes Australia one of the most urbanized countries in the world.

All Australians Can Surf

A lot of Aussies can surf most can’t. I grew up close to the beach and many kids in my neighborhood didn’t surf. People that I meet overseas are often shocked that I can’t surf the way pros do on TV. Its hard guys, that’s why they are pros. Also, the fact is that many Australians don’t live close to the coast and a daily surf is out of their geographical reach. Believe it or not, I’ve met Australians in rural areas that have never seen the ocean.

The Culture of Australian People
Awesome wave Bro!

We Like To Put a Shrimp On The Barbie

Arrgghhh! Its called a prawn, we never and will never use the word shrimp. You can thank Paul Hogan for that too. In the 80s he did an ad campaign for tourism Australia that was played in the US. He refers to a prawn as a shrimp so the US audience could understand what he meant. Needless to say, we do enjoy a BBQ and have been known to put a PRAWN or two on the barbie. Great tip: Rub a little Vegemite on the prawn before barbecuing, trust me it tastes awesome.

Australians Swear All The Time

We have been known to express ourselves with the odd expletive. This is not all bad though because there is a study linking people who swear to honesty. Check it out “Study finds links between swearing and honesty“. So, we just tell it how it is.

The Culture of Australian People

Australians Are All Bogans

Maybe! Its hard to tell if you are actually a bogan and if you aren’t one by Australian standards then you may be one by international standards. According to bogan is an Australian or New Zealand person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behavior are considered unrefined or unsophisticated.

We can really thank Ozploitation in the media for that, movies and TV shows tend to portray us in that light because it’s funny and it sells.

The good thing about Australians is that we can laugh at ourselves and I’m sure we’re all are different variations of bogan. I sat next to an Egyptian man on a plane once and he told me my accent sounded like I was “wild”.

Yes, um thank you sir, it’s the bogan in me.

The Culture of Australian People

We Live Among Snakes And Spiders

Let me get one thing perfectly clear, If I saw a snake I would freak out. The first reason I can recognize a red belly black snake, brown snake or a red back spider is because I am not color blind. The second reason is because I saw them on TV, truth be told I have only seen one snake in Australia but I do speak for myself. That being said, we do however check outdoor furniture and shoes that have been left outside before we use them. besides, there are other animals to worry about in Australia besides snakes and spiders.

We Love To Get Drunk

Okay! That’s probably true.

We Love Our Fosters

Actually we don’t. We just export it.

The Culture of Australian People
Yeah but nahh!

Aussies Wear Speedos

Also known as “budgey smugglers”. They are definitely still around especially with the lifesavers but for the majority of us it’s board shorts.

The Culture of Australian People
Looking Good Mate!

Australia is Always Hot.

Australia is nicknamed the sun burnt country but there are some very pasty people too. Surprisingly, not to many people know that we have over 15 well-developed ski resorts spanning over 3 states. I remember playing Rugby on those cold chilly winter mornings in high school and the Rugby field was covered in frost. So, yeah nah, we know cold hey!

Australians Wear Flip Flops All The Time.

We would if we could. We also call them thongs back home.

The Culture of Australian People
Makes me homesick.

Aussies Love Sport

Sport is a big part of growing up in Australia. It’s fair to say that most Aussies can swim and catch a ball.

Australians Are Laidback

Yes but No! My opinion on this is that we are often perceived as laid back due to our body language however looks can be deceiving. I worked in the hospitality industry for a long time and if an Aussie feels they are not getting what they paid for or being lied to then they will be the opposite to laid back. Australians can be confrontational even while they sit back in there chair. Many Aussies downplay their success but this does not mean they aren’t success orientated. What’s your opinion on this? Comment below.

The Culture of Australian People
Now thats laidback.


Yes we are famous for Vegemite and we grew up on the stuff. Most foreign people don’t like it but I have met a few that do. Vegemite is made from the yeast extract left over from breweries, so we even know how to turn our beer into food.

There You have It

Can you picture this?

A drunk swearing bogan barbecuing prawns in his thongs and Speedos while watching sport just flicked away a spider and said, “No worries she’ll be right”.

Well thats a huge stereotype on the culture of Australian people but I’m sure there’s Aussies doing that right now.

Don’t forget to get vocal in the comments section below and thanks for dropping by.

See Ya!

8 Replies to “The Culture Of Australian People”

  1. Thank you very much for an informative and funny article at the same time. So from your post, I understood you were born Australian and most of the times you don’t have cold weather out there.
    Have you ever been to the USA? Seems like cultural diversity in those both countries is about the same. Also here in the US very rarely you can see people wearing Speedos.

  2. Thank you very much for an informative and funny article at the same time. So from your post, I understood you were born Australian and most of the times you don’t have cold weather out there.
    Have you ever been to the USA? Seems like cultural diversity in those both countries is about the same. Also here in the US very rarely you can see people wearing Speedos.

    1. Yes, I’ve been to the States and I love it. You guys have a lot of diversity and natural wonders indeed. It does get cold in Australia but not by North American standards of cold. Ha Ha I hope nobody wars speedos, maybe Baywatch actors only.

  3. I learned so much I didn’t know before. Thanks for sharing!

    I do watch people from Australia on YouTube like Durianrider and it gives me an unrealistic idea about what it’s like there. He’s always showing big spiders and snakes and stuff.

    I wasn’t aware it snowed there either, but I live in Minnesota and people probably think it’s always cold here but it isn’t. Summers can be deathly hot.

  4. Hey Dave!

    What an incredible funny read. When I think of Australia, I always think of the movie “Crocodile Dundee”! I am almost certain (especially after reading that article) that this dude is NOT the typical Australian, BUT media (especially hollywood) plays a big role (good and bad) in how we perceive foreign cultures, especially those we have never experienced ourselves, right?

    Thanks for this entertaining and educating read!

    All the best,

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