Facts About Australians Overseas

Facts About Australians Overseas

As a young boy growing up in Australia, I used to dream of living in and visiting foreign countries. By nature, I believe Australians possess an innate quality that beckons us to explore the world. We are born with itchy feet. Ozzies Abroad takes a look at the astounding numbers of Australian overseas, we are in every region around the globe proving that we have the travel bug.

Australians Overseas
See Ya Aussies!

How many Aussies abroad?

Australians have populated the planet to the tune of approximately 1,000,000 ( That’s 1 million! ). A huge number that represents around 5% of our population. This exodus of curious Australians is referred to as Australian Diaspora ( It even has a name ). Although the majority are travelers that haven’t laid permanent routes in other countries, they do stay abroad for extended periods of time. A 2002 census confirmed that most Australians leave for employment reasons.

Where did all the Aussies go?

We have populated nearly every corner of the globe as both travelers and Australian expats. The Aussie traveler is everywhere, making our mark and proudly representing our country. It is almost impossible to avoid each other out there.

The largest majority of Aussies are in continental Europe including the UK. In total, the population of Australians in Europe is almost 500,000. That figure represents half of Aussies abroad and makes sense as most of us hail from European heritage.

Australians Overseas
Gaining a New Perspective.

Of this number most are in the UK, with approximately 115,000 of us crowding their bars and clubs, working in there firms, hotels, restaurants and proudly singing our national anthem off-key any chance we get. Love it!

The second biggest population is Greece with approximately 100,000. We are there with our cousins, drinking Ouzo, playing backgammon and partying till sunrise.

A distant third place is Italy with approximately 30,000, we are there putting on weight while enjoying “the best” pizza and pasta while secretly preferring the Australian versions. Justa joke Mama! I have Italian heritage, my grandmother is from Roma.

Other European countries that have large Australian populations include Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and Poland. Everywhere I have traveled in Europe I have met both the Aussie traveler and the settler.

Australians in the USA total a staggering 200,000. Hong Kong has approximately 100,000. Our neighbors in New Zealand host around 70,000. Surprisingly, Canada has only 35,000.

Other Regions with Australian Populations are the Middle East with Lebanon 25,000, UAE 16,000, Israel 7000, Saudi Arabia 5000 and Qatar 4500.

Asia boasts a significant portion with Vietnam 22,000, Thailand 20,000, Singapore 20,000, China only 15,000, Japan 11,000, Taiwan 7,000, Philippines 6000, Cambodia 3000, Malaysia 4700 and India 3000.

There is also about 3000 Aussies teaching the South Africans how to do a proper BBQ. Leker Bro!

Stone the crows! I never knew there were so many Aussies out there in the big bad world

What work do Australians do overseas?

We do everything! Many Aussies go abroad to immerse themselves in a different culture and way of life.

You will find Australians making your coffee in Cafes, taking your order in a restaurant, serving you an ice-cold beer in a pub or bar.

Australians Overseas
Australians Overseas Represent!

Advising you on law, negotiating big real estate deals and negotiating your finance. We are small business owners worldwide. Airline staff from Cabin Crew to Pilots to Air Traffic Controllers. We are Teachers and Professors, Kangaroo Tamers (bad joke), Marketers, Coaches, Athletes, Oil and Gas and so much more. I would love to hear from you. Drop us a line below and let us know what you do.

Aussies are a rather clever bunch!

Successful Australian Businesses Overseas.

Many Australian businesses have suffered in recent years especially in retail. However, some have thrived in the overseas market proving that we can be a business savvy bunch.

The Cotton On Group originated in Geelong Victoria in 1991 and includes brands such as Rubi, Cotton On Kids, Cotton On Body, Supre and Factorie. They now span their empire across 18 countries. Not bad for a little shop in Geelong.

Lorna Jane, the Australian Fitness label boasts over 200 stores around the world. Stationary and gifts brand Typo has more than 145 stores in 10 countries and Kikki.K and Smiggle are not far behind them. Proving the world likes our designs and ideas. Other health food products such as Blackmores are also making their mark globally.

Not only are Australian companies doing well but the branding of Australia is more popular too.

Australians Overseas
Walkabout Bar UK

Almost every country has an Aussie themed bar or restaurant now from Dubai to Koh Samui, from Paris to Helsinki, from Hong Kong to Singapore and everywhere in between. Struth! We might even have more pubs than the Irish one day.

Many of our brands and Australian products have also become iconic overseas such as UGG, Vegemite, Paw Paw cream, Fosters, RM Williams and Kylie.

Onya Straya!

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There You Have It

Our website Ozzies Abroad aims to bring all these people together including travelers, Australian expats and business people. What an amazing community we have out there. So many of us with such diverse talents all over the globe. There’s friendships to be forged, deals to be made, knowledge to seek and adventures to be had.

Let’s hear from you! Drop us a line by getting vocal in the comments section below.


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  1. Hi there! Great post! I love the way you write…. I actually live in Thailand, and have been really hoping to make my way out to Australia sometime…. I also have this sense of adventure… and I feel like everybody always wants to go to Australia, haha!

    That’s really awesome to hear about the Aussies in every corner of the earth! I had no idea 😀 I love statistical facts like this, though – so it was really interesting for me! 🙂

    Looking forward to more! Cheers! xx

  2. Thanks for a great post. I honestly thought there would be more Aussies in the UK than America – you learn something new every day! I haven’t done anywhere near enough travelling but the kids and I are saving for a trip to the UK in the next couple of years. I am actually a London-born Australian (that’s what happens when your Australian mother travels and meets your dad – so we Aussies were doing the whole travel thing in the 60’s) who hasn’t been back to the UK since moving here as a child. If I ever move overseas I’ll keep your page in mind for your “Down Under Box” because you cannot be a true Aussie if you don’t have your Vegemite!

    1. Nice one Megan. Also, let me know when your heading to UK. I know how to source the best hotel and flight deals for you. Thanks for your comments. 

  3. Your article reminded me of some traveling buddies I met during my college days where I would do working holidays to earn that extra money.

    I’ve met Australians in the shrine of Japan, in the kiwi farms of New Zealand and in the frozen winter of Canada. They are everywhere and yes, they are a bunch of adventurous humans I’ve ever encountered.

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