Interesting Australian Facts

Interesting Australian Facts

Aussies abroad are a funny lot because sometimes we don’t know anything about Australia. Have you ever sat with your foreign friends and wished you had some interesting Australian facts and trivia to share with them?

You scour your brain but cant quit find anything that will have your friends impressed and intrigued by the great land down under. Lost for words? We’ve all been there.

Interestingly, sometimes our foreign friends know more about Australia than we do. That’s because they may have backpacked at some stage of their lives and visited remote and interesting places and picked up interesting Australian facts along the way.

Interesting Australian Facts
Australia Is A Big Country

While most Australians dream of discovering foreign lands, we leave our own backyard till “some day” or later in life. However, the adventure of a lifetime for some of our foreign friends would be visiting the Outback, diving in the Great Barrier Reef or doing the Great Ocean Drive. Most Aussies under 40 haven’t seen much of Australia becuase everything is so far away that you might as well go abroad.

Don’t worry! This page will fill the gap of knowledge and give you some great conversation starters. We constantly update everything from basic facts to crazy facts, politics, history, nature, geography and everything in between. We keep it interesting and funny. You will never be left unsure of what to say about Australia again because we just spent all day scouring to bring the best facts straight to you.

OK. Here we go. Some things you need to know!

Interesting Australian Facts: The Basics.

– As of 2017, Australia has a population of over 24 million.

  • Sydney 5 Million
  • Adelaide 1.7 Million
  • Melbourne 4.5 million
  • Hobart 500,000
  • Perth 2 Million
  • Darwin 140,000

– Australia is known as an “Island continent” and is the worlds 6th largest country by area.

– The name Australia, is Latin, meaning southern. From the word Australis.

Interesting Australian Facts                                                                          Cockburn Australia!

– And importantly, we actually have a town called “Cockburn!” Ouch!

Nature: Interesting Australian Facts

– We have more reptiles than any other country, 750 different species. Our most deadly snakes are the brown snake, tiger snake and taipan.

– Australia had more camels than Arabia. We actually export Camels to Saudi Arabia and the Saudis eat them. Gross!

Interesting Australian Facts

– Over 50% of koalas have Chlamydia. Eww!

– Nobody has died from a Spider bite……since 1981!

– The red kangaroo is the national animal.

– Australia was once home to Megafauna. Which includes a Hippo sized wombat, Sheep sized Echidna, a carnivorous rat like Kangaroo and a 3m tall Emu like bird. Yikes!

– The box jelly fish is our most deadly animal. In fact, it’s planet earths most venomous creature.

– In 1932, Australia waged a war against Emus, Known as the “Emu Wars.”

History: Interesting Australian facts

– Australian has been inhabited for over 50,000 years by Indigenous people.

Interesting Australian Facts
City of Batmania!

– Melbourne was once named Batmania and in 1892 it was the richest city in the world.

– The same year, 1892, over 200 people left Australia to create “New Australia”, a Utopian socialist settlement in Paraguay.

– The first Australian police force was made up of well-behaved convicts.

– Before 1902, it was illegal to swim at the beach.

– Our national Anthem was officially God Save The Queen until 1984.

Politics: Interesting Australian Facts

– Australian politicians are sometimes nicknamed “Pollie’s”

– Australian cyclones were originally nicknamed after Pollies that a particular weatherman did’nt like.

– There is a party called The Australian Sex Party. They want to legalize pot, euthanasia and tax the church.

– We had a Prime Minister called Harold Holt that went swimming at the beach one day……and never came back.

Interesting Australian Facts
Good Onya Bob!

– We had a Prime Minister called Bob Hawke that once held the world record for downing a yard beer in 11 seconds. Too easy!

– The Government was overthrown in 1808 because the Governor tried to ban rum as our main currency.

Geography: Interesting Australian Facts

– Mt Kosciusko is our highest mountain standing 2228m above sea level.

– Australia has over 10,000 beaches.

– We have the world’s largest Cattle Station ( or Ranch as the Americans like to say), it’s called Anna Creek Station and it’s the size of New Jersey or Israel. It’s 24,000 square kilometers and located in South Australia.

Interesting Australian Facts
Thats Ours!

– Australia is surrounded by 8000 smaller islands.

– Australia claims almost half of Antarctica.

Crazy Facts Australia

– A gram of cocaine can cost $350 in Australia and only $15 in Brazil.

– 2 out of 3 Australians will have skin cancer by the time they are 70 years old.

– Sign language is different in Australia, America and `UK. Weird!

– Jedi is a registered religion and the 18th largest in Australia.

There you have it!

Now you have some great conversation starters………or killers! You never need to be left unsure about any Australian topic again. You can represent proudly! Remember that it’s all about bragging rights. If you have any interesting facts then please share in comments section below.

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4 Replies to “Interesting Australian Facts”

  1. How hilarious! Australia sounds like it could be a dangerous place if you didn’t know some of these facts, especially about the native animals. How often to people encounter box jellyfish? What happens if you get stung by one? Also, how common is it for the average tourist to get chlamydia from a koala bear? These are interesting, odd but important facts to know if traveling to Australia. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Steve & Kris. Thanks for your comment. The beaches in northern Queensland are closed during summer due to the box jellyfish. The municipality in Cairns built a fake beach to keep people happy. If you get stung its fatal. In fact, Cairns is listed as the worlds most dangerous city due to animals. 

      Hopefully no tourists are catching chlamydia from koalas haha!

  2. What I find interesting about the geography is that it is nearly as large as the continental US but with only about 7% of the population (350m to 24m) – and the fertility rate has plummeted, to boot.
    I can’t wait to get over there this summer and take it all in, though, from the coasts to the wide open spaces, and 16 UNESCO Heritage Sites.
    Thanks for the trivia.

    1. Hi James. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Australia is large with a small population however most of the interior is uninhabitable as its mostly desert. It’s rather baron and has a nickname, the GAFA which is an acronym for the Great Australian F#@% All.

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