Australian Expats and Travelers

Australian Expats and Travelers

Welcome to Ozzies Abroad for Australians living overseas, we strive serve both expats and travelers out there representing Australia. Did you know that there are over 1,000,000 Aussies outside of Australia?


Australians living abroad all share a common goal, that is to have adventures and experiences outside of Australia. After all, the world is a fascinating place. Australians abroad have so many opportunities as there are over so many of us worldwide. We love our travels but we also miss certain things about our native land. We bring together these opportunities and also deliver a taste of the good ole Aussie things we cherish and miss.

You’re Invited to Join Us

Ozzies Abroad is your one stop for your much-needed dose of Australiana. We keep you informed of everything Australian.

Not only do we offer a hit of that much-needed Aussie humour,  we will also provide you with facts and stories to share about Australia with your friends abroad. Ozzies Abroad keeps you updated major news events back home, as well as important information and links.  No question is too hard for our community of expats and travelers, just post your question on any topic.

We also offer Australianism from recipes, to gift ideas, great deals and discounts, Australian products, tax and legal links, reviews, expat services, travel advice and forums to connect you to other Australians abroad. We also publish articles and blogs about anything Australian you can share with your foreign friends about our lively culture. Sometimes its just about bragging rights.

See you out there and remember to keep the dream alive.

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