Famous Australian Brands

Famous Australian Brands

Australia exports more than just it’s people. Did you know that there are approximately 1,000,000 Aussies abroad at any given time? There are also many famous Australian brands that are exported abroad that Aussies can be proud of.

Branding gives customers trust and faith in products and an “Australian Made” stamp gives products a seal of quality that is recognized worldwide. If a product is made, designed or sourced in Australia you will get quality and that is why Australian brands have a good reputation.

Today at Ozzies Abroad we take a look at our favorite brands and provide some useful links on where Aussies abroad can get their most missed products. So, no need to be homesick.


Most Australians grew up on the stuff, in fact, many kids will only eat Vegemite on toast much to their parents frustration. I dare say, you probably have to grow up on Vegemite to like it but most Aussies did and they love it.

Vegemite is a thick, black spread that’s made from left over brewers’ yeast. Yes, it’s made from beer! How Aussie is that?

It was invented by a chap named Cyril Percy Callister in Melbourne in 1922. So, Melbourne can award itself a point in the best Australian city competition with Sydney.

I would describe Vegemite as having a strong flavor, slightly bitter, salty and malty. Vegemite is best served on toast with butter but the official Vegemite website has some pretty interesting suggestions such as pasta, pizzas and burgers with Vegemite. Ummm yeah, that sounds gross so stick with toast and butter…. please!

Vegemite rise to popularity was helped with an advertising campaign from 1954 that is still played till this day. The campaign has a children singing a catchy jingle ‘We’re happy little Vegemite”.

Fun Fact: The name “Vegemite” was selected out of a hat and was coined by two sisters. They become known as the “Vegemite Girls” for the rest of their lives.

Famous Australian Brands

Tim Tams

Everybody loves Tim Tams and if you haven’t tried this Aussie treat then you simply must.

Tim Tams are two malted biscuits fused together with a creamy chocolate filling and coated with more chocolate. It’s popular for people to do the “Tim Tam Slam” which involves biting the ends off and sucking coffee up through the center of the biscuit.

Tim Tams have become a popular Aussie brand in the last 10 years but have actually been around since 1964. Basically, Aussies tried to make a better version of Britains Penguin Biscuit. I dare say, we succeeded.

Varieties of the biscuit include dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, dark chocolate mint, honey comb and choc orange. I think it’s fair to say that Tim Tams are the one Aussie product that Aussies abroad can’t live without.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

This amazing company is 100% Aussie, over 100 years old and still family owned. They produce the well-known and highly popular Papaw ointment that almost all Aussie woman carry with them. If, Aussies abroad run out of this ointment then it’s one of the main items they miss from home.

The ointment is made up of freshly fermented carica papaya from Queensland as well as petroleum jelly, wax and a hint of Gum Balsam Peru. It is used as an effective topical application for minor open wounds, nappy rash, chaffing, insect bites, burns, sunburn, splinters and much more. I find it very good for cracked lips because it gives almost instant relief.

The ointment is named after Dr T.P. Lucas who was a Botanist and medical practitioner who after many years of research developed the ointment for his patients in Brisbane. They still operate out of Brisbane and the formula hasn’t changed in all that time.

Famous Australian Brands

UGG Boots

When I was a kid, “Uggies” were worn strictly indoors only. If, someone was caught in public wearing Uggies they would die of embarrassment. My mother wouldn’t drive wearing the boot in case she had an accident, she would say “people will see me standing on the side of the road in my Uggies’. The Ugg boot was quintessential “bogan” culture. In fact, the term “ugg” may be short for “ugly” but the origins are unknown.

How times have changed! The Ugg boot become a worldwide fashion trend in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The UGG brand US endorsed the style with celebrities and clever television product placement. They reported almost $700 million in sales in 2008.

The Ugg Boot is still considered unfashionable in Australia and New Zealand. According to Australian fashion stylist Justin Graig only models can get away with wearing Uggies because it gives out the message ” I’m so beautiful, I can look good in any crap”.

I must say, on a cold winters night, nothing beats slipping your feet into a warm pair of Uggies.

Famous Australian Brands


Aesop is an Aussie skin care brand that was founded in Melbourne in 1987 (and another point for Melbourne). It was hairdresser Dennis Paphitis and his first employee Suzzanne Santos that founded the brand that boasts over 180 stores worldwide in over 50 countries.

As well as skin care products, Aesop also produces hair care, soaps, fragrances, shaving accessories and body care formulations for both men and woman.

One of the coolest things about this brand is it’s simple and classy packaging and the fact that the products work. Aesop doesn’t rely on advertising but on the effectiveness of their products and this strategy has worked. Straight to the point and effective, this product embodies Aussie culture and Aesop’s large following worldwide can’t be wrong.

There You Have It

Remember Aussies, it’s all about bragging rights and representing Australia overseas. Did you enjoyed this article? If so, then get vocal in the comments section below. Let us know which other great Aussie products you love and we’ll source the best place for you to buy them online, so their is no need for Aussies abroad to feel homesick.



6 Replies to “Famous Australian Brands”

  1. Very interesting read! I ate Tim Tams one too many times and I did not even know they were an Aussie brand until I read this! One of the best snacks ever.

    Whenever I hear of Vegemite I get the impression that It tastes bad. Then again I never tried it before so I can’t really judge. I know many Aussies love it, maybe I should try it one day…

  2. Interesting products you shared! I was very interested in the vegemite because I never heard of them before. Plus, I like the fun fact you gave about it, interesting way to name a product!

    I am very curious because it sounds disgusting, but I am willing to give it a shot! Can you give me detail on the ingredients in the vegemite? Also, I will be back to see more products from Australia. Thank you!

    1. Hi Marques. Vegemite is made from brewers yeast with ingredients like celeryonionsalt, and a few secret ingredients to make this paste. Give it a try! It’s packed full of vitamin B.

  3. Hey Dave:

    Okay. I keep sneaking up on that little Vegemite jar that’s a treasure-trove (according to beloved Aussie friends who are addicts to that mucky paste inside).

    I keep scooping out yet another very small taste. It hasn’t taken yet. Maybe you DO need to grow up on it.

    Either that or all of you Aussies are playing some kind of joke on the rest of us.

    Oh, well…I suppose every culture has things that are great delicacies that make everybody else sort of shudder.

    The Tim-Tams and Uggies make up for it.

    1. Ha Ha! That’s a classic. Yeah I’m sure you won’t like it. Need to eat it as a baby. Aussies can’t live without it though.

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