Are Aussies Abroad Misunderstood?

Are Aussies Abroad Misunderstood?

There’s something interesting that happens to Aussies when they go abroad, they want to experience other countries, cultures and broaden their horizons and through that process they actually become more Australian. It’s not that we miss home or are overly patriotic but its because we realize that being Aussie is part of our identity. You can take the boy/girl out of Australia but you can’t take the Australia out of the boy/girl.

After being abroad for sometime we start to discover a few disconnects between how we perceive ourselves compared to how the rest of the world perceives us. This is often amusing but sometimes it can be a bit off the rails.

Aussies Abroad

Today at Ozzies abroad we take a quick look at some of the nuances Aussies discover about themselves whilst abroad.

Aussies are hardworking but laid back

Aussies living abroad will at one time or another be labeled as laid back because it is a stereotype that people like to cling on to. However, the irony here is that Australia is actually a country with many rules and regulations from light beer in plastic cups at the cricket, no balls games on Bondi Beach, strict border control, no shot rule after 11pm, lock out laws….should I continue? Australia has often been named the “Nanny state” because we have too many rules.

I was in Munich recently and visited the famous English Gardens and what I witnessed would never be allowed in Australia. I saw men and women sun baking completely nude, people drink alcohol in public, riding bicycles without helmets and smoking within 10 meters of other people. I think the Germans could teach us a lesson in being laid back.

Aussie’s are actually hard-working and that is evident in the fact that we are in demand overseas. We have a can do attitude and like to get straight to the point.

Aussies Abroad
Hardworking Aussie!

Aussies are Health Conscious Drunks

Everybody knows that Australians like to have a drink or two. I think that this goes hand in hand with our work hard play hard culture. However, unlike the Brits, we don’t meet at the pub after work every day to have a few drinks. Australians might lend Friday night to their work mates to knock back a few coldies but the other days of the week are for the gym or family. However, Australians do like to make it count, there’s no such thing as just one drink.

Factoid Alert: Australia actually ranks 45th on the global alcohol consumption ladder and Britain ranks 17.

So tell your British mates to put down the pint and pick up a dumbbell.

Aussies Abroad
Combining health and Alcohol!

Aussie Accent! Hot or Not?

After being abroad for some time I returned home and was confronted with the Australian accent. My fresh hears found it rather…..different. The truth is that our accent can be a bit grating but some people love it. The Americans for example love our accent but the people in the UK don’t so much. If you don’t believe then ask a few of your UK friends, they may politely say words like “Strong” and “Carries”.

Are Aussies Abraod Misunderstood?

I’m not talking about our accent but in general terms, are Australians misunderstood by the rest of the world. Maybe! So why do people get it wrong? I have concluded that it may be because we are so far away from the rest of the world and most people won’t go to Australia at any time in their life. This isolation ( I mean the rest of the world being isolated from Australia 😉 means people don’t get to experience Australia firsthand and can only go by what they see in the movies etc.

The truth is, we kind of did it to ourselves. Australians can be portrayed as a bit okkerish and efforts from tourism Australia and the Ozploitation in our movies doesn’t help that much. However, it is funny and it shows that we can laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously.

Aussies Abroad
Is he Australian?

There You Have It

Get vocal in the comments section below and share some of your experiences of being an Aussie Abroad. There are a lot of funny stories out there and we want to hear about them.





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