Amazing Places Australia

Amazing Places Australia

Our great southern land hails some of the world’s most interesting natural wonders. Our landscape lends itself to some amazing photography. Many Australians tend to travel around the globe before we even explore our own backyard. Aussies Abroad meet foreigners that have seen more of Australia than we have. Countless times I’ve met Europeans, English, Americans and Japanese people that have seen more places in Australia than the average Aussie. It was only recently that I first visited the “City of Churches” Adelaide and I’m still yet to visit the famous wine country of South Australia.

There’s so many amazing places in Australia. So C’mon Aussies lets get acquainted with what we’ve got. Even if we save these places for our grey nomad years, a little bit of local knowledge never hurt.

Ozzies Abroad looks at some amazing places in Australia.

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles has been described by visitors as being a magical place that was unknown to most Australians until 1967 when it was turned into a reserve. They’re limestone formations situated three-hour drive north of Perth within Namburg National Park. The park has kangaroos, emus, cocktails and many species of reptiles.

Amazing Places Australia
Alien Landscape!

The Pinnacles have somewhat of a mystical feel and there are a few theories on how they were formed. Most accepted is that a huge inland ocean receded over millions of years leaving seashell deposits that were blown inland to form the magical dunes.

This alien landscape leaves the 150,000 visitors a year feeling like they have just visited another planet. The brown and yellowish sand contrast with the blue sky and leaves an impression on the visitor. You can explore The Pinnacles by trekking or driving and the best season is in the months of August to October when the days are mild and the wildflowers start their bloom. Oh the serenity!

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Wave Rock

Amazing Places Australia
Surf’s Up

Wave rock is a striking rock shaped perfectly like a wave. It’s over 15 meters tall, 110 meters long and billions of years old. The rock is about 3 hours from Perth and local Aboriginal tribes believe the rock is created by the rainbow serpent. Wave Rock leaves over 140,000 tourists a year feeling awe inspired.

There is plenty of activities in the area such as hiking, biking and museums with Aboriginal art, lakes and camping grounds. Wave Rock also boasts the Wave Rock Weekender event which is a music festival that has been held annually since 2005.

Daintree Rainforest

The UNESCO World Heritage listed Daintree Forest is in far north Queensland.

Amazing Places Australia

This enormous 1200 square Kilometer rainforest is one of planet earths most complex ecosystems and has 12 out of 19 of the world’s primitive flowering plants. The Daintree forest holds many unanswered questions about the medicinal properties of plants. It’s a rare gem where the forest meets white sandy beaches and reefs. The tropical rainforest boasts 30% of frog, reptile and marsupial species in Australia, 90% of all the bats and butterflies and over 12000 species of insects

Sharks Bay

Its hard to believe a place like this actually exists.

Amazing Places Australia

Shark Bay has been described by tourists and visitors as magical, heavenly and incredible. Shark Bay is a rocky coastline 1500 kilometers long and is home to over 10,000 dugongs (12.5% of the world’s population), bottle nose dolphins, birds, reptiles, humpback whales, southern white whales, fish, sting rays and over 20 threatened Australian mammal species. It is on the western point of Australia.

Shark bay is actually most famous for “Stromatolites”, an ancient life form in the shallow sandy pools. They are the oldest life forms on earth and some fossils date back to 3.5 billion years. Shark bay is Australia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site listing and it’s been occupied by the Aboriginal people for over 22,000 years. Europeans first visited in 1616 but left soon after arriving.

Activities include snorkeling, dolphin feeding, walk trials, camping, fishing, 4WD, cycling and much more.


Kakadu National Park is south of Darwin and it’s a massive and timeless place.

Covering an impressive 20,000 square kilometers, that’s about the size of Switzerland. The Aboriginal people have lived in Kakadu for over 50,000 years and it has some of the world’s oldest rock art dating back 22,000 years,

Kakadu is home to a biodiversity of birds, trees, seriously big salt water crocodiles “Salties”, wallabies, kangaroos and 6 meter tall termite mounds. It has been described as a spiritual place and has strong connections to Aboriginal Dreamtime.

Activities include boat cruises, scenic flights, fishing, waterfalls, swimming, croc spotting and bird watching.

There You Have It

Thank you for reading our first series of amazing places in Australia. Leave us a comment down below. We love hearing from you and we hoped you enjoyed our article.

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8 Replies to “Amazing Places Australia”

  1. It’s so true what you say about not exploring our own backyards! I’m from the UK and there are so many places I’ve yet to go to. I visited Australia 2 years ago and found that a lot of locals had seen more of the UK than I had.

    On the flip side, I had a month in Australia but feel like I just scratched the surface – of the places on your list, I only saw Wave Rock (which was stunning). I’d love to return one day!

  2. Australia has been one destination that is on my bucket list. Some of the places you have described for us do seem truly awesome.
    The pic you have of the wave rock is breathtaking. It really seems like a wave ready to come crashing down on you. The music festival held there would be a great event to attend. Is this event held once a year or on weekends during a certain time of the year?

  3. Great article. These places look fantastic. Kakadu national park and Daintree rainforest sound really wonderful. Australia is an amazing country with so much diversity and so many fascinating places to visit.

    We’re probably all a bit guilty of not exploring our own countries enough and taking holidays abroad instead. Also, possibly many locals avoid places where there will be a lot of tourists!

    1. Thats true. Thanks for your comment. What’s also true is that many Australians aren’t aware of these places but they discover foreigners are aware of them during their travel. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this delightful and informative article on the Amazing Places to be found in Australia.

    Australia is definitely one of the places I would like to visit and, now that I’ve seen these wonderful places, it makes me want to travel there even more!

    Would you happen to know if there are any travel packages that include all of these places?

    1. Hi Barbs. Thanks for your comment. Yes there are travel packages but the best way to see them is to have your own car. There are great deals online for campervans. `remember the distances are vast so maybe hoping to each attraction on a small plane would be more comfortable.

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